On August 2, 2013, Michael Kors mike cross honored to announce new Hollywood actress Emma Roberts Emma Roberts in Michael Kors fall 2013 runway looks black evening dress dress for series held in New York Michael Kors Black Friday starring film "fake family" We 're The Millers before The opening ceremony.
Michael Kors mike cross (MK) honored to be announced
On April 28, grand star awards ceremony held in Singapore, Taiwan supermodel white xin hui in Michael Kors spring/summer 2013 runway black gown.
On April 18, 2013, New York -- Michael Kors mike cross pleasure announced that designer Michael Kors success in 2013 time magazine list of the world's 100 most influential characters.
Time managing editor Richard Stengel said the annual list for the success of the people, "with their thoughts, their vision, their action to change the world, influence the public figures." Kors and 2013 times 99 influential characters in the list, will be on April 23, 2013 to Lincoln Center to a dinner party for the jazz and accept the awards and recognition. Please go to http://time100.time.com to view the list of person of Michael Kors Black Friday the year, at the same TIME list will also be published in the April 29 issue of TIME magazine, and on April 19 (Friday) at the newsstand and tablet on sale.
Kors said: "to be included in the annual list of top 100 most Michael Kors Purses influential people, I am deeply honored. Every year there are many to enter the list of characters I respected artists, leaders, and visionary people. To be able to shortlist with them, let me very honored and excited!"
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